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Lobby, red ambience, art pieces, lifts

Grand Hyatt Tokyo

Service: Interior Design / Art Concept 

Type: Hospitality / Food & Beverage / Spa

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Completion: 2003    

With over 387 hotel rooms, including 28 different suites from executive top residential with private pools. The Grand Hyatt Tokyo has an abundance of choice for the discerning traveler.

Subtle Japanese aesthetics were infused into the design, respecting the city’s Edo heritage and offer luxurious furnishings made with natural woods and fabrics to create a warm residential ambiance. Featuring high ceilings, light earth-tone colors and textures, the hotel rooms are large and spacious, creating an ideal environment for relaxation.

Hotel bedroom, warm ambience, white pillar
Hotel lobby with displays
Hotel bedroom, white pillars
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