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Twin bedroom with headboard of shells x-ray and shower with forest background

The Ocean Park Marriott, HK 

Service: Interior Design 

Type: Hospitality 

Location: Hong Kong

Completion: April 2019 

Ocean Park is a world- class attraction connecting people with nature, and gained consistent recognition for its animal husbandry, research and relationship with the community. The Ocean Park Marriott Hotel is a significant milestone for both Ocean Park and Hong Kong, transforming one of Hong Kong’s most important tourist attractions into a premier international resort destination.

Remedios Studio created The Club Wing’s interiors, sensitively blending environmental themes and the surrounding nature with warm colors, open-plan spaces reflecting natural light and modern tasteful furnishings to create an urban oasis.

Hotel suite with white chairs, stools, sofas
Hotel bedroom, white style and view on the outside
Hotel suite with pastel pink sofas, chairs and walls
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