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Japanese style building at the end of a bridge on a lake with forest and mountains in the background

The Niseko Resort Hokkaido 

Service: Architecture & Interior Design 

Type: Hospitality 

Location: Niseko, Japan 

Completion: In construction 

Niseko Ski Resort provides a sensory experience that allows the end-user to immerse themselves into the intriguing mystery that is Japan.

The architecture is contemporary in design but timeless in spirit, it is an interpretation of the intrinsic values and the  soul behind the most delicate and most refined Japanese Sukiya architectural style, bearing the philosophical qualities of the Chashitsu or Tea House.

Two horizontal images, the first is a bridge on a frozen lake leading to a japanese style building, the second image is the same bridge in spring
Tree House Rooms in a forest with pine trees, snow and a onsen
Section of a japanese style building
Section of a japanese style building
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