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Yokohama Royal park Hotel 

Service: Interior Design 

Type: Prefunction / Ballrooms 

Location: Yokohama, Japan 

Completion: 2010    

The Sky Ballroom boasts much exclusivity in addition to being the highest banquet facility in Japan. With its breathtaking views of Tokyo Bay and the snow capped Fuji Mountains on the far horizon, getting married with such a magnificent backdrop is an unparalleled experience.


As you ascend to the 70th floor, the chic and alluring entry chamber anticipates your arrival.  Your entrance finds you surrounded by an eloquent faceted mirror wall as well as a contemporary chandelier made of precision cut crystal which is embellished with a dark bronze trim. Immediately you are captivated by the spectacular view of the city and Tokyo Bay.  As you are approaching the window for the view, you discover a thoughtfully designed leather settee over the window sill.  It is tailor made just for you to take in the view and enjoy a reflective moment.  The décor is sophisticated and elegant.  Creamy leather panels are accentuated with dark slim metal trim.  Sheer shades are accentuated with a dark border, to remind you of the grace of high fashion.

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