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Dark restaurant buffet with central island

Zest Restaurant

Service: Interior Design

Type: Restaurant 

Location: Seoul, South Korea   

Completion: 2012  

Zest is an all day dining restaurant located on the 2nd floor  of the Conrad Seoul Hotel . Ascending from the hotel lobby,  you enter a dazzling realm, where four separate kitchens at the center of the restaurant are encased in tall midnight  black glass panels, where the food takes center stage and the  creation process is thoughtfully choreographed.

In contrast to the high theatrical effect of the center show  kitchens, the dining quarters provide a soothing and  welcoming atmosphere. The décor is elegantly serene, sleek,  and modern, yet tranquil; it offers a calm and perfectly  balanced remedy to this high volume and fast paced  restaurant.

Dark restaurant with buffet
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