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Trapezoidal table, chair, sofa and television next to a window in a futuristic style room

Morpheus  Hotel 
City of dreams  

Service: Interior Design / Furniture design 

Type: Hospitality 

Location: Macau, China 

Completion: June 2018   

The Morpheus Hotel is the last component of the highly successful City of Dreams casino complex in Cotai, Macau;  aimed at creating something so unique and so luxurious to offset any conventional established high-end brand.

The interior design concept was driven by the building’s unique architecture and inspired by the fully integrated super yacht interiors, capturing our concept of a  ‘Hedonistic Lifestyle’. 11,000 pieces of bespoke furniture were specially designed and manufactured by our sister company Remedios Collection for all the rooms, suites and villas. In doing so, these meticulously designed spaces provide the guests with a holistic, fully curated experience.

Wooden stairs leading up to a platform with a futuristic counter
White leather chair under a wall opening with wine glasses, coffee machine and yellow flowers
Hotel suite in a futuristic style with trapezoidal furniture, tables, sofa ande chairs
Hotel bathroom with two sinks, a white leather stool and a bathtub
Mini-bar with glasses, coffee machine and flowers in a yacht style
Hotel bedroom in a futuristic style with a television
Hotel suite similar to a yacht with trapezoidal furniture, white couch and black tables, book Living On Water
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