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Hotel lobby with fireplace and lounge seating

The Ritz-carlton Xi'An 

Service: Interior Design

Type: Hospitality / Food & Beverage 

Location: Xi'An, China 

Completion: July 2019   

The Ritz Carlton Xian was inspired by the legendary Silk Road which ended in Xian.


“It is a modern and sophisticated expression of the traditional Chinese aesthetic, conjuring up great classical halls with dark columns and architectural details, massively oversized lanterns, delicate filigree screens, all with a sense of traditional Eastern mystery but brought to life with an unabashed sense of modern Western luxury while hinting at the romantic story of the journey from Venice through the Middle East, Central Asia to Xian in China.” says Peter Remedios.

Lobby Lounge with a fireplace, a piano and lounge setting, bar
Lobby Lounge with fireplace, bar and luxury style roof
Hotel bedroom with bed, sofa and table and a night view on the city
Luxury stairs with chandelier style lighting
Master bedroom with artifacts
Living room with sofas and chairs and a dining room in the background
Lobby with white walls, lounge seating and black and white pictures on the wall
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