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The new look of the Four Seasons Hong Kong

The Four Seasons enjoys a superlative location on the Hong Kong waterfront and has just received a completely new look for their guest rooms and suites, capturing that uniquely Hong Kong contrast of what is modern, juxtaposed against what is old, which is the real charm of this progressive city. The design concept responds by balancing a rich but timeless modernity against elements of classical Chinese furniture, culture and art in a manner that conjures a “homecoming” experience of great taste and refinement. It is this timeless approach that captures the DNA of the Four seasons brand that its patrons have come to love and expect.

The lift lobbies carry that sense of a “homecoming” further by giving guests the feeling of having stepped into the entrance hall of a beautiful home, replete with art and collected objects. The palette is rich but unassumingly neutral, with contrasts of polished surfaces vs matte and light vs dark. This palette is carried throughout all the spaces for a consistency of the overall look and feel.

The hotel is First Class all the way and, upon entering the typical room, you might be forgiven for believing it was a suite because of sheer elegance of the furnishings and the attention to detail of everything from the high end retail look of the “My Bar” to the newly revamped bathrooms.

The bathroom features uniquely coloured granite countertops with bespoke finishes, grazed by indirect lighting that puts soft but discreet lighting to your face and on surfaces where you need it. There is also an incised border in the stone around each of the two lavatory bowls designed to catch stray water thus keeping the countertop dry. It is this attention to detail with beautifully articulated features that imparts a feeling of luxury and pampering.

The rooms were designed to look and feel like one’s “pied-a-terre” in Hong Kong with art and object d’art appearing like it was collected over time on one’s travel around the world, with particular preference paid to art that is Chinese in origin. The composition of the bed wall bears testament to the importance of sleep whilst the working, lounging and entertainment area conjures up a modern interpretation of a classical Chinese scholar’s study. The large “Shan Shui” style ink painting cleverly conceals a very generous closet and is something of a signature for the new Four Seasons look.

The furnishings are a thoughtfully curated blend of matte finishes as well as highly polished dark veneers inspired by the elegantly burnished finishes of Ming Dynasty furniture. The opulence is topped off with hand made leather pulls, metal trims as well as quilted wood veneers.

The Harbour View suites are a study in elegance offering the same level of bespoke refinement, albeit at an even more luxurious level. The “My Bar” in the suites is at an even more sybaritic level appearing like a lavish penthouse apartment with all manner of amenities on offer, beautifully organised within the various compartments, drawers and also on display.

The bedroom features a rotating day bed from where one can work off a lap top, read a magazine or simply relax and enjoy the spectacular harbour view. The new layout of the bedroom cleverly incorporates a new dressing area and walk in closet between the bedroom and the bathroom in true luxury fashion.


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